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How we work

Redwood Interiors has a clearly defined work process. After the first interaction with the client, we do a site visit to study the space. Our designer does a detailed analysis of the space and surroundings, records the dimensions and gets an overall understanding of the space. Our team, then, has a detailed discussion with the client about their requirements.

While working on homes, we prefer to do a one-on-one interaction with each family member to gauge specific needs and ideas. Based on this research, we develop an initial design concept and provide a few options for the client to choose from. Next, we discuss the design options, possible challenges, materials, and the budget. Once the design is finalised and work begins, our experts will keep a documented tab on the progress and quality of work. Since we have our own panel of skilled labour, executing designs as per plan and delivering work on deadline is a breeze.

A quick look at our work process

  • Consultation
  • Space analysis
  • Floor planning
  • Design presentation & selection
  • Material selction & finalising
  • Project Execution

Why we stand out

Our years of experience in the field of realty and interior designing has equipped us to understand the nature of spaces, focus on fine details and create a style where planning meets purpose.

Redwood Interiors is a team of skilled professionals with great understanding of the industry and great sense of aesthetics. Another feather in our cap is the presence of Kamlesh Mistry, a former associate of renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, as one of Redwood Interiors’ premier consultants. Mistry’s expert guidance is sought for high net-worth projects, to which he brings his unique experience and insight.