Redwood Interiors


You inspire our dreams.

Just building a home or an office space is one thing; making the space an embracing entity that takes on its people’s aura is another. At Redwood Interiors, we believe that spaces should be happy and reflect positive vibes.

We design spaces that are an extension of its owner’s personality, interests and desires. We walk the journey with you, from visualizing your dream, to designing it aesthetically and finally making it come alive.

At Redwood Interiors, we create spaces that inspire you to grow, dream afresh and see them coming true.

Mrs.Shameen James


Redwood Interiors was started in the year 2010 by Shameen James, Shameen believes that design plays a huge role in transforming a house into a home and a work space into a centre of inspiration—the reason why she set out to transform interiors from ‘yawn’ to ‘wow’.

Mr.Binu Kumar


Mr.Binu Kumar with over 18 years of experience in designing residential and commercial projects has been partnered in this venture.He has been heading the interior design team for 12 years with Kumar Group

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